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About me

My name is Sharon Ordor.

Recently, I have developed a new-born affinity with my 1st love- writing.

I love reading, and avid readers would tell you that there comes an inevitable desire to write, and expand your creativity, when you read books back to back. It comes with the territory, you see.

I wrote my 1st book at the age of 11, and I have been trying my hands on writing plays, short stories and blog posts ever since.

As I matured, I noticed that my creative spark was dwindling, with the excess pressures and obligations that were being thrown my way.

Coupled with my current university course- accounting and finance- which pretty much trains me to excel in the corporate sector as against the creative one, I felt that the 2 elements of my being (that is, my creative and intellectual side) were unable to co-exist.

However, I have come to realize that this is the biggest myth and falsity known to humanity.

I have now come to realize that one of my God-given talents is writing, and illuminating a light on events, people, occurrences etc via words, and this is a talent I never want to grow stale.

I intend to use this blog to support that vision. I hope I can share a facet of my life: my experiences, life lessons, literary/music reviews and general adventures via this blog.

If you believe in my vision, do subscribe.

I guess that’s all I have to share with you. Deuces 🙂


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Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the camera's ability to illuminate persons, things and environments simply with a click. I believe the camera's main skill is to observe, focus and emanate the object of its observation.
On this note, humans are akin to cameras, simply due to the blessing we all have, that is our God-given brain. For 19 years, I have been soaking, observing and focusing on topics of interest to me, such as: politics, gender, race, sexuality, love, literature and several others. However, there is only so much soaking one can do. Now, is my time to emanate.
My vision is to be a voice for my generation by speaking authentically, and candidly on these such topics. I can only hope that you enjoy that which I have to say.

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