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La Cuisine

I am an avid fan of cooking. It’s fun, it’s a stress-buster, but it is also very time consuming.

Whenever I can, I try to cook new dishes. I love experimentation, so often times I opt for dishes I’ve never tried to make before, which makes the experience refreshing and ultimately, very enjoyable.

I would try to share some of my dishes and my general recipes with you in the coming months, so watch this space sunshines.


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Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the camera's ability to illuminate persons, things and environments simply with a click. I believe the camera's main skill is to observe, focus and emanate the object of its observation.
On this note, humans are akin to cameras, simply due to the blessing we all have, that is our God-given brain. For 19 years, I have been soaking, observing and focusing on topics of interest to me, such as: politics, gender, race, sexuality, love, literature and several others. However, there is only so much soaking one can do. Now, is my time to emanate.
My vision is to be a voice for my generation by speaking authentically, and candidly on these such topics. I can only hope that you enjoy that which I have to say.

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